Gallatin History Museum Songwriter Sessions-Christy Hays

Gallatin History Museum is proud to introduce our first video for our Gallatin History Museum Songwriter Sessions. Established in 1977 The Gallatin Historical Society/Gallatin History Museum is dedicated to Preserve, Promote and Foster the History of Gallatin County and Southwest Montana. Christy Hays Born in rural central Illinois, Christy Hays never really aspired to be a working songwriter.

Grace Bates YouTube

A Museum tour with Grace Bates, President of the Historical Society, May 1987. All photos are from the collection of the Gallatin Historical Society.

Gallatin History Museum-Bozeman Montana

Step back in time and learn about Gallatin County's heritage. Visit the Gallatin History Museum in Bozeman, which offers a unique glimpse into the area's past. In addition to jail cells and a hanging gallows, the museum maintains displays illustrating the unique histories of a variety of people who have called Southwest Montana home.

Myth #1: The Great Escape

The Gallatin History Museum Presents: Mythbusting Myth #1: The Great Escape In 1911, shortly after the brand new jail opened in Bozeman, MT six prisoners escaped. It was believed they used a tunnel at the front of the building, but a look at old blueprints and a check of the Bozeman Evening Courier led to a far more interesting tale.